Alexandre Gama: Selecting An Advertising Professional In Brazil

Are you searching for an experienced and reliable advertising or marketing expert? Do you want to enlist the services of a reputable advertising consultant in Brazil? If you need someone to advise or guide you properly, check out Alexandre Gama – a top rated advertising professional.

Alexandre Gama is a recommended advertising and marketing professional. He is a successful entrepreneur with vast experience in the field. Alexandre Gama uses efficient advertising and promotional strategies to attract the right audience to his clients’ business. He has industry resources and connections, which enable him to render excellent services to his clients.

Every day, businesses and entrepreneurs use the Internet to search for the most reliable advertising agencies or marketing firms. Handling advertising or marketing projects can be a daunting task but with the expert services of a professional like Alexandre Gama, you can reach your goal without hassles.

Alexandre Gama can provide you with a vast range of advertising, marketing and promotional services and is well known for helping clients get more customers and boost revenue.

Advertising or promoting a business requires great skill. Alexandre Gama creates effective advertising campaigns and consistently produces outstanding results for his clients.


Securus Technologies Users Share Praise for Tech

I recently read about a very interesting company called Securus Technologies. Having had no contact with the jail or legal system, I may not have ever known about the incredibly innovative services they are providing. While many people know them as the leading provider of inmate calling solutions, they work with over a million inmates in the United States and Canada, they also offer a huge variety of security technology. These technologies are focused specifically on our jail and prison systems and also assist law enforcement and other legal bodies.


The article I came upon on PR Newswire featured actual communication between Securus Technologies’ clients on how the technologies have been of assistance to them. The stories showed example after example of how technology is helping keep those that are already within our prison system safe and free from corruption.


For example, one story sent in from a Sheriff’s office complimented Securus’ Location Based Technology. It stated that by using the Location Based Technology the Sheriff’s Office team was able to successfully recover over a million dollars in stolen cash, illegal drugs and other items that may not have been found other side. A story followed that one that also expressed gratitude for the Location Based technology and stated that it was the leading phone service in the prison system.


Another example, the person who wrote in stated that by using Securus Technologies, they were able to successfully pinpoint, record and locate an employee who was corrupt. They thanks Securus and said that they were able to have him arrested for his actions and eventually terminated from his position, making the jail a safer place.


Stories like these make me appreciate niche technology, that is working in places we may have not ever thought needed additional technology, like our prison and reformation systems.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Efforts To Get Bradesco Back On Top

Luiz Carlos Trabuco took the helm of Bradesco, one of Brazil’s largest banks, in 2009. Although Bradesco had been the market leader for years, the company had lost its footing and fallen behind Itau, another major player in Brazilian retail banking. Faced with a board of directors that was eager to move back into first place, Trabuco made a controversial decision. Luiz Carlos Trabuco decided that it made more sense to focus on long-term strategies to retake the lead rather than short-term plans. As part of his plan to stimulate organic growth in the long-run, Trabuco slashed fees and unveiled plans to open over 200 new branches across the country.

However, the new CEO has not relied exclusively on organic growth to even the score with Itau. With the blessings of chairman of the board and former company president Lázaro Brandão, Trabuco acquired the Brazilian subsidiary of Hong Kong-based HSBC in a multi-billion dollar deal. The purchase of HSBC boosted Bradesco’s market share. In fact, Trabuco’s new Bradesco was now the Brazilian leader in numbers of branch locations and account holders and closing in, in terms of deposits and assets. Brazilian regulators signed off on the deal in the first quarter of 2016. According to Trabuco, the acquisition of HSBC shaved six year’s off of the time it would have taken to achieve the same level of growth naturally.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined Bradesco shortly after graduating from the University of Sao Paulo, eventually becoming President of Bradesco’s insurance division in 2003. One of the first changes he made as president was the creation of a Bradesco University in order to foster greater innovation in the company. He was widely perceived as being a close fit with the values and culture of the bank, having started as a clerk and worked his way up the ranks.

Trabuco’s appointment as president was surprising to many, as Bradesco had somewhat of a tradition of going with the dark horse candidate when choosing a new CEO. When Lázaro Brandão took over from the bank’s founder, Amador Aguiar, the new president was relatively unknown within the company. Likewise, Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s predecessor, Márcio Cypriano, was another underdog in the run for the top spot at the company. However, this trend was broken when Trabuco was chosen since he was widely regarded as a likely successor, having been groomed for the job from the start by Cypriano himself.

The purchase of HSBC has been a boon to Bradesco. Market observers noted that Brandão needed to acquire a smaller bank in order to catch up to Itau, but there were no real options available when he was promoted in 2009 when the company was R$150 behind its rival in assets. In spite of the fact that he has been successful in narrowing the competition’s lead, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has his work cut out for him. Getting back on top will require patience and the organic growth strategies that he emphasized when he became president of Bradesco.

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Beneful Grain Free Dog Foods for Pet Health

Beneful grain free dog food has been created for all pets with digestion problems, and they may be fed to any dogs who need something different from their traditional food choices. A dog that is eating Beneful grain free dog food will have a much easier time digesting their food, and it is good for dogs that have problems with gluten. This article briefly shows how grain free dog food from Beneful helps all pets.

#1: Taking Dogs Off Gluten

There are many dogs who are intolerant to gluten without their owners knowing. The owner who notices problems with going to the bathroom or digestion must try grain free dog food from Beneful. It may be the key ingredient in a dog living a better life.

#2: The Many Varieties And Flavors Of Beneful Grain Free

Beneful has been wise to create as many different flavors for the grain free product. Dog owners who know what their pets like may purchase these foods at any time. They will find it much easier to purchase a simple dog food that will not upset their pet’s stomach, and they will notice that it is no different from the Beneful commercial food they are accustomed to buying.

Beneful has created a grain free dog food that is good for all dogs. Taking dogs off gluten may be a wise choice for certain pet owners, and they will see a difference in their pets when they are choosing food for their morning and evening feeding time.

Richard Mishaan: An Achiever and Leader in Interior Design

Richard Mishaan is a renowned interior design professional born in Colombia. He lives with his family near the Central Park. He has lived in the area for almost 2 decades. The interior décor in his apartment is a representation of the great work he does. Mishaan has worked in the interior design sector for more than 20 years, gathering sufficient knowledge and skill to help him enhance his career. His favorite style is characterized by arranging different pieces artfully to create an intricate design.



Richard Mishaan Design renders a wide range of services in landscaping, architecture as well as interior design. The company is known for its quality services and expertise in art, fashion and culture. Richard has built his company, Richard Mishaan Design, on his understanding of great interior design qualities. The interior designer began his career working for Phillip Johnson. He studied for his architecture degree at New York University. Richard also attended Columbia University. Aside from his achievements in interior design, Mishaan has published a couple of books titled: Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury.



Richard Mishaan Design specializes in developing luxurious interiors. The firm has a rich portfolio that consists of high-profile projects. The finishing they offer is top-notch and it’s difficult to point out an error in their work. They strive to produce masterpieces for their clients. My favorite Richard Mishaan work is the Trump Park Avenue. Looking at the condominium units, one can’t help but notice that the rooms are meant for high-end clients. Richard Mishaan Design must have put a lot of thought in every design detail that makes the space look glamorous.



Through Richard Mishaan Design, Mr. Mishaan has gained a lot of experience. His work has earned him recognition in the industry. Richard has featured on popular media sites like,, and He’s also the founder of Homer Design, a furniture design enterprise.

Central Jersey Working Moms Use and Like Boraie

In a recent article that was published on the Central Jersey Working Moms website, the moms talked about how they were impressed with Boraie Development and everything that the company had done for the area. It was something that they were impressed with and something that they wanted other people to know about because of the things that Omar Boraie had done for the community. They saw that there were many new things that were a part of the area and that gave them the chance to truly enjoy the town that they lived in. It was also something that they were impressed with because of the way that it was carried out.

As moms, the women who ran the site were constantly working to make sure that they had a safe place for their children in New Brunswick. According to Rutgers, as a town that had a lot of problems in the past, the moms wanted to make sure that they could connect over the different things that were now going on with the city so that they could truly enjoy everything that there was to enjoy with their children. It was a great way for them to make sure that they had everything that they needed.

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According to NY Times, Omar Boraie has been a huge help in the New Brunswick community. He immigrated to the area and liked the opportunities that were all around him. He decided to start a company where he was developing the different things in the city. He tried to make sure that he was doing everything the right way and bringing improvement to the city. With Boraie Development, Omar was able to make things better for the people who lived in the city. He thought of it as home and wanted to show people that there was more to it than crime and filth. C

After helping the city with the improvement that it needed, Omar Boraie tried to make sure that he was doing what he could to help other people. He wanted to give back to the city and show people that they could try new things. Omar Boraie did everything that he could to show them that things would get better. Not only did Boraie Development donate a lot to the city and time to make things better but they also did a lot to actually bring improvements to the city in a way that no other company had been able to do.

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Whitney Wolfe: Changing the Face of Online Dating

     Whitney Wolfe is the founder and CEO of the dating app Bumble. Born in Salt Lake City Utah, she moved to Paris with her family at age 11. Returning to Utah for high school, Whitney Wolfe then attended college at SMU in Dallas, Texas, majoring in International Relations. Known as a marketing genius, she partnered with Andrey Adreev to create Bumble.

Prior to the creation of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe spend 6 months in Northern Thailand and Cambodia working in orphanages. After returning to the United States, she created an app called Matchbox, which is now known as Tinder.

Bumble is a dating app aimed toward women, where the females make the first move. Women look at profiles of potential matches and swipe yes or no depending upon interest. If there is a match, both users will be notified. Currently, the app has over 500,000 users, with the ratio of men to women being equal. This free app plans to incorporate L.G.B.T.Q. Communities.

Whitney Wolfe was inspired to create Bumble due to her strong beliefs against anti-bullying. She feels that people face bullying on social media. Her intention was to start a social app where young women could converse and share photos, feelings, and stories. The app was to be called Merci. Before the app was formed, her current partner urged her to stay within her area of expertise, and Bumble was born.

Whitney Wolfe considers Bumble to be a feminist company, something she is proud of. She feels that there were unwritten rules about how a women should interact with a man, and she wishes to change that for the benefit of women. Through the creation of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe hopes to change the face of online dating to help women be more confident and men feel flattered due to the interest of women.

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The Most Important Principles Invloved In Becoming An Attorney According To Karl Heideck

According To Karl Heideck
According To Karl Heideck

According to the Philadelphia lawyer Karl Heideck there are eight things every young attorney needs to know. The first involves the requirements for the state in which the attorney plans to practice law. An understanding of the individual testing requirements is necessary to achieve success.Karl Heideck also recommends making strong connections with lawyers, teachers, and students. He believes when these connections are maintained they can open doors in the future.The third piece of advice is if you have questions be certain to ask them. This shows a solid commitment to your job and the determination to continue learning. You must accept there is still a lot you have not learned yet and ask questions to gain knowledge.It is critical to choose an area of law that you find enjoyable. Your choice must suit your personality and academic background. Place your focus on areas of study that inspired your confidence and caught your attention.

A high grade point average will help you secure the best associates position. This is important when you begin looking for a permanent job especially if your are looking into the field of litigation. The firms you apply for will require a copy of your law school transcripts and be interested in any associates positions you have held.An understanding of the lateral market is critical to your success. Never forget the bar is raised once you graduate and you will only be hired if your skills set is required.A law firms prestige is only important in your first job. Promotions such as partner or counsel are easier to gain in a less prestigious firm. Consider the firm’s standards, culture, and potential when you consider applying for a job.

The use of kindness and respect are always important in both your professional and personal life.Karl Heideck is a lawyer specializing in compliance, risk management, and litigation. He is highly skilled in litigation, corporate law, legal writing, legal research, employment, and corporate law. Karl Heideck has gained experience while practicing in these areas for the last ten years.Karl Heideck has a background in education that is extremely impressive and a perfect match for his experience. Karl Heideck studied Literature and English at Swarthmore College. He graduated with honors from the Temple University Beasley School of Law. If you want to learn more about him :Click Here.

George Soros Pays For Many Progressive Pursuits

There are many progressive pursuits reported by Politico, and George Soros is one of the strongest proponents of these activities. He has helped fund protests in Ferguson that focus on police brutality, and he is working with progressive donors who are helping combat conservative policies.

#1: Who Is George Soros?

George Soros is one of the richest men in the world, and he is one of the most-powerful voices in all of progressive politics. He gave quite a lot of money to the Clinton campaign, and he has ensured that all the people who are fighting for civil rights are given the resources they need. It is quite simple for him to continue to give because he is guided by his heart for others.

#2: His History

George Soros is a holocaust survivor who is informed by his experiences as a Jew during World War II. He has been given a number of opportunities after the war to make something of himself, and he made much of his money in the currency trading industry. He gives to causes such as Ferguson riots, progressive politics and has collected a number of donors who will give to PACs that he has created.

#3: He Is Making A Comeback

The comeback that has been coming for George since Trump wins in the Presidential election. He knows that he must make changes to the way he approaches progressive politics, and he will continue to offer as much money as possible from his billions. He wants to have all his donors give to causes that he believes in, and he knows that he can create a consensus among the people that donate. They will give because they believe in what he is doing, and they will continue to give where he has directed. He wants to know that he is giving to places that matter, and these places include a number of progressive organizations.

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#4: Why Are Progressive Politics Important?

Progressive politics are important for the progression of society, and they cannot be enacted unless someone in government pushes for them. George wants to be progressive governors in place, and he wants to know that a number of people will be served by the money he has given.

George has given to protectors in Ferguson because he knows that these protests will bring about change. The fight has not ended in America for gender and race equality, and George is concerned about the way that people are oppressed. He believes that someone who is in danger may be saved by the people who protest. Giving to the protests allows him to engage with change, and he will continue to give to these causes for some time. Visit this site to know more at

Kim Dao, Not Your Ordinary YouTube Beauty Guru

Kim Dao is an Australian born YouTuber and blogger who has managed to rise above the noise and position herself as one of the leading beauty gurus online. What separates Kim Dao from the sea of YouTube beauty gurus are the broad range of interesting topics on her channel that covers anything from best hair products, shopping sprees, healthy foods, living and traveling in Japan and everything in between. Kim Dao’s channel give her subscribers a close-up look at life in Japan as she lets the world into her home to experience her skin care regimes, checks out new restaurants, goes on shopping sprees, shares customs and more. Learn more:

In keeping with her love for travel, Kim Dao’s covers ten tips, tricks, and tools you should never be without when traveling in Japan. The first hack is, a pocket Wi-Fi device small enough to fit into your bag or of course your pocket. The Pocket Wifi not only makes it convenient for you to enjoy Wi-Fi whenever you want but allows you to connect several devices to it at the same time.

Other hacks Kim Dao covers include using a Sims card, plus a JR pass to cover travel fares throughout Japan. Oidigo is a good website for trip planning. Download a train app to your phone, as well as purchase a train card to save time when transferring between different companies. Carry a power board to charge your devices and have heat packs to keep warm. Finally, always take a photo of where you’re visiting for the day. Having a picture is a time saver should you get lost and are unable to speak the language. You simply show the picture to get help or directions. To check out Kim Dao’s video, click on the link below.