Progressives Fight Big Money with End Citizens United

Advancing Support for Campaign Finance Reform

With growing political unrest in America stemming from extreme economic disparity, there are many grassroots efforts proving that human decency still packs a punch in the face of dark forces. End Citizens United comes as a response to the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizen’s United decision, which opened the gates for special interests to sway elections with unlimited and untraceable amounts of money. A political action committee charging forward to reform the rules of campaign financing, the group’s overarching goal is to introduce and pass a constitutional amendment that would reverse the 2010 decision. The hope is that overturning the decision would be the first step in a road toward a more transparent political system that establishes accountability for donors and beneficiaries, setting the stage for a more representative government.


What Do They Stand For?

The whole movement means to get to the root of it, working to elect officials that would vote in favor of the progressive cause and stand up to dark-money groups. Additionally, they hope to help put in place campaign finance reform on the state and local scale, a much more attainable portion of the bigger vision. To make a new constitutional amendment a reality, it would need the nod from two-thirds of the House and Senate, and ratification by 75% of the states. The last amendment passed was done so in 1992, with America finding itself comparably in an irrefutably more divided state.


Show Me the Money:

Preaching financial transparency, the group’s makes their financial information available on their website, showing that they have been raising ambitious levels of money as feelings of angst furiously swell under the custody of a new POTUS. This comes as a stark comparison to the stance of the new President, who has famously refused to release his financial records. However, even with healthy influx of funding, they will still have a hard time making the amendment a reality anytime soon. In the meantime, however, they do serve an important purpose in laying the groundwork of awareness on the small scale, which is necessary to gain majority support in the future and keeps a level of accountability in current political actors.


The Problem:

Many from the Democratic party are leading the battle of overturning Citizens United, as The End Citizens United PAC is met with opposition by Congressional Republicans, who are known to benefit from unlimited donations and other rigged elements of the system. With a flurry of excitement and support developing around the cause and others like it, the stage has been set to foster progressive values, working toward a more tolerant and equitable USA.



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