Video Calls As A Morale Booster

A father in prison receives a visit from his son and his mother. His son tells his dad all about the birthday gift he received, a gift he cannot bring in person for security reasons, and how happy he is that he got it. It is a good face to face visit for the father that makes his day, and the son is glad that he was able to see his father in person to tell him the good news. But wouldn’t it be better, on an occasion like this, if the father were able to see his son opening the gift in real time?


Securus Technologies makes this possible through video visitation. All of us outside of the prison system have access to video calling, so we tend to take it for granted. But until recently, prison systems around the country have not had this technology available to their inmates. Through Securus Technologies though, they have this communications option and more and more prison systems and law enforcement agencies around the country are utilizing it.


So now, not only can the father hear how happy his son is, he can see it on his face in real time though a video call. Having contact like this with loved ones is known to be a great morale booster for inmates which makes their stay in a prison more tolerable. And because this option is so widespread and has been on the market for some time now, the cost of this communications option has been drastically reduced.


The Innovation Medical Technology at the Copa Star

The Copa Star Hospital in Brazil is one of the top hospitals in Brazil. It is a modern facility that has over 100 rooms along with 9 operating rooms. It is considered one of the higher scale hospitals. This is one of the more important facilities for people that are interested in an infrastructure that have doctors that have access to innovation medical technology. Check their profile page on Facebook.Com

A lot of money has been spent in Rio De Janeiro to build the Copa Star, and there is a lot of news coverage for this company. This hospital has Penetron crystalline technology for the underground structure. This is a hospital that has been promoted as one that will revolutionize healthcare in Brazil. This type of technology in Brazilian healthcare was long overdue and Copa Star was considered the company that would revolutionize healthcare in Latin America.

The treatment that Copa Hospital offers includes cardiology and other things like radiology and neurosurgery. The thing that most patients will notice about this establishment is that it is very spacious. The Copa Star offers a facility that can accommodate a lot of different patients. This has given patients and their loved ones a great piece of mind. The diagnostic techniques are advanced because there is technology in place for this. There are also well-known paintings and other things like a grand piano in the lobby area. This has given the hospital a feel that is peaceful and serene.

It has been compared to a 5-star hotel in some instances. More than 200 pieces of artwork are housed inside of the hospital. The patients have spacious rooms, and this allows the patients to have a lot of different visitors whenever they want. The Copa Star is well staffed as well. More than 500 healthcare professionals are in place to take care of the patients that are in need of medical treatment.

The healthcare field is a very challenging one. There are all types of aliments that people have been diagnosed with, and sometimes the type of technology that is used can make all the difference. Technology that can help physicians diagnose healthcare issues can be the difference between life and death. That is why the innovation technology that is used at Copa Star is so important.

One might say that the Copa Star is something of a luxury accommodation. The concept of this is new in the Brazil, but many Brazilians have become pleased with this new type of innovation in the medical arena. Many patients are resistance to healthcare because they do not feel comfortable in a hospital. What the Copa Star has done is make it possible for people to feel comfortable while they are getting treatment. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

OSI Group’s Recent Impact In The European Food Market

OSI Group has been at work in Europe across the UK, France, Spain and Germany to bring locally produced meats to the markets at prices locals can afford, and now they’ve gone further into the Netherlands and UK with their acquisitions of Baho and Flagship Europe.

Flagship Europe has been selling pre-packaged and ready-to-go foods for quite some time and can ramp up its production thanks to the buyout by OSI Group, and Russell Maddock will remain CEO. Baho will be able to keep several factories open and continue to distribute to various supermarkets thanks to their new partnership with OSI Group.

OSI Group strives to maintain a strong reputation in the food industry as well as its local community. It was built on strong work ethics and customer service over 100 years ago when Otto Kolschowsky’s family started a butcher shop in the greater Chicago area. As that shop grew into a full company named Otto & Sons, many local restaurants and grocery stores chose them because of their superb products and safety procedures. Otto & Sons formed their first major partnership with McDonalds and has since become an international distributor that rebranded itself in the 1980s as OSI Group.

Their packaged products include finished pizzas, some of which are even sold at Pizza Hut, prepared breakfast meats and patties, ready-to-order burgers and steaks as well as raw meats. OSI Group takes customer and employee safety very seriously and follows strict procedures to do so, and just this last year the British Safety Council recognized them as a safety leader with the Globe of Honour award. OSI Group also has been involved with Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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The Business Ventures of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg

There are many people who are constantly trying to make a mark in the world of tech startups on This is a very difficult field to break into because of the massive amount of competition. The sad reality is that the vast majority of tech startups are never able to grab the attention of consumers. They go away as fast as they appeared. This is very bad news for the people who invested money in the project. However, the very low rate of success for tech startups has not deterred many people from trying to create their own startup business in the tech industry. Two people who have been responsible for creating numerous successful startups are Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. They have somehow invented a system that has enabled them to repeatedly create fresh startups that become popular with people in multiple countries.

Don and Adam have been interviewed countless times about the success they have had. They are always asked to talk about the methods they use to get a startup operating at peak efficiency. For obvious reasons, they are not willing to reveal all of the secrets to their success on However, they have admitted that the preparation for a startup launch is critical. Don and Adam are firm believers that people who try to rush the launch of their startup will eventually fail. They take great care to hire the best web designers they can find. They also secure enough financing to allow the startup to stay afloat for months until it starts to show a profit.

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The two successful entrepreneurs made their names in the tech world for being the brains behind Dermstore. This cosmetics website became immensely profitable in a relatively short period of time. Don Ressler followed this up by going into the clothing business. They launched JustFab. This site became even more successful than Dermstore. It was not long until many of the world’s most prominent venture capitalists started to get in touch with both gentlemen in the hopes of being included in their next project at Don and Adam now have no shortage of people who want to invest their money with them.

Sawyer Howitt on his Experience in Racquetball

Racquetball continues to gain popularity all over the world due to its entertaining and competitive aspect. This has seen it attract great interest from people like Sawyer Howitt; an upcoming talent from Portland, Oregon. Sawyer Howitt only started playing the game while in high school, yet he has since gone up the ranks to become one of the most promising members of The Racquet Club in Portland. He has proved to be a master in multitasking since he is also a part-time student and businessman.


Changing the World with Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is one of the top entrepreneurs. The company which he serves mostly specializes in real estate and Biotech business which is named Madison Partners. Furthermore he was the chairman and CEO of Zinio LLC that delivers digital information firm and as well was the CEO of NaviSite that supplies internet technology services globally. He is very devoted to the work he does hence made him began his own organization that involves real estate and technology whereby is good at it. See,

NaviSite and Zinio organization are the main reason why Arthur Becker decided to prosper and develop Madison Partners due to the expertise he attained from those organization hence enabling him to improve the technology and the real estate business. Arthur Becker also initiated a new strategy in the biotech organization. In terms of financial status he has also achieved a lot throughout the years therefore making him be one of the richest men in the world.

Due to the good partnership among organization and the staff member’s devotion to work rapidly it has enabled Arthur Becker to build a house in Tribeca and he is also on the completion of a building on the Suvillivan which is located in New York.

Arthur Becker had a better bonding with the employees that had seen him make the company advance and accomplish more. He as well took a lot of his time to help entrepreneurs who are potential to grow their business. His interest in the biotech business has also made him achieve great work by helping cancer patients through introducing a new method to help them in cancer treatment. According to, he is also certain that in business the significant technique is to have business objectives then the rest will fall into place.

Arthur Becker is also adhered to certain values and he always enacts on them including always having proper knowledge on the business, keep an eye on the market trends and staying steadiness. Madison Partner LLC has always progressed because of the skills and experience he has in the business industry. Through his motivation he has is what made his progress and be where he is now. Check out his website:

Progressives Fight Big Money with End Citizens United

Advancing Support for Campaign Finance Reform

With growing political unrest in America stemming from extreme economic disparity, there are many grassroots efforts proving that human decency still packs a punch in the face of dark forces. End Citizens United comes as a response to the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizen’s United decision, which opened the gates for special interests to sway elections with unlimited and untraceable amounts of money. A political action committee charging forward to reform the rules of campaign financing, the group’s overarching goal is to introduce and pass a constitutional amendment that would reverse the 2010 decision. The hope is that overturning the decision would be the first step in a road toward a more transparent political system that establishes accountability for donors and beneficiaries, setting the stage for a more representative government.


What Do They Stand For?

The whole movement means to get to the root of it, working to elect officials that would vote in favor of the progressive cause and stand up to dark-money groups. Additionally, they hope to help put in place campaign finance reform on the state and local scale, a much more attainable portion of the bigger vision. To make a new constitutional amendment a reality, it would need the nod from two-thirds of the House and Senate, and ratification by 75% of the states. The last amendment passed was done so in 1992, with America finding itself comparably in an irrefutably more divided state.


Show Me the Money:

Preaching financial transparency, the group’s makes their financial information available on their website, showing that they have been raising ambitious levels of money as feelings of angst furiously swell under the custody of a new POTUS. This comes as a stark comparison to the stance of the new President, who has famously refused to release his financial records. However, even with healthy influx of funding, they will still have a hard time making the amendment a reality anytime soon. In the meantime, however, they do serve an important purpose in laying the groundwork of awareness on the small scale, which is necessary to gain majority support in the future and keeps a level of accountability in current political actors.


The Problem:

Many from the Democratic party are leading the battle of overturning Citizens United, as The End Citizens United PAC is met with opposition by Congressional Republicans, who are known to benefit from unlimited donations and other rigged elements of the system. With a flurry of excitement and support developing around the cause and others like it, the stage has been set to foster progressive values, working toward a more tolerant and equitable USA.



Jose Borghi – Highly Popular Figure in the Brazil’s Advertising Sector

Jose Borghi is one of the most awarded and influential advertising professionals in the Brazil. He has created some of the modern and efficient marketing and publicity campaigns and advertisements that are popular not only in the country but the world. One of his most popular Ad creations was for the niche of wildlife conservation for Mammals of Parmalat. It was a very touching ad that had a real impact on its target audience and garnered him accolades from the advertising sphere as well as a lot of love from the public. Till date, Mammals of Parmalat ad by Jose Borghi remain as one of the best ads ever created.

Jose Borghi has over 25 years of experience in the advertising sector and is the co-CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil, which is one of the dominant advertising firms in the country today. His interest in the sphere of advertising was cultivated very early in his childhood when he went with his sister at the Cannes Film Festival. In the festival, he saw many awards winning Ads. These compelling ads intrigued and moved him, and motivated him to become associated with the advertising industry in the future. Moving in this same direction, he finished his graduation in marketing from Pontifical Catholic University, Sao Paulo.

Jose Borghi has a diverse working experience and before joining Mullen Lowe Brasil ; he has worked with many different advertising companies such as Standard Ogilvy, FCB, Talent and DM9DDB, Loe Burnett, and more. At these places, he has clearly proven his worth as an advertising professional, which led him to become a familiar figure in the advertising world. He has received a lot of awards in the advertising space, including 16 Abril Awards, 20 Awards at Cannes Film Festival, 7 Awards at London Film Festival, 15 awards at New York Film Festival, and more. Jose Borghi’s USP is innovation and creativity and doing things differently, which differentiates his ads from the others in the market.