Kim Dao, Not Your Ordinary YouTube Beauty Guru

Kim Dao is an Australian born YouTuber and blogger who has managed to rise above the noise and position herself as one of the leading beauty gurus online. What separates Kim Dao from the sea of YouTube beauty gurus are the broad range of interesting topics on her channel that covers anything from best hair products, shopping sprees, healthy foods, living and traveling in Japan and everything in between. Kim Dao’s channel give her subscribers a close-up look at life in Japan as she lets the world into her home to experience her skin care regimes, checks out new restaurants, goes on shopping sprees, shares customs and more. Learn more:

In keeping with her love for travel, Kim Dao’s covers ten tips, tricks, and tools you should never be without when traveling in Japan. The first hack is, a pocket Wi-Fi device small enough to fit into your bag or of course your pocket. The Pocket Wifi not only makes it convenient for you to enjoy Wi-Fi whenever you want but allows you to connect several devices to it at the same time.

Other hacks Kim Dao covers include using a Sims card, plus a JR pass to cover travel fares throughout Japan. Oidigo is a good website for trip planning. Download a train app to your phone, as well as purchase a train card to save time when transferring between different companies. Carry a power board to charge your devices and have heat packs to keep warm. Finally, always take a photo of where you’re visiting for the day. Having a picture is a time saver should you get lost and are unable to speak the language. You simply show the picture to get help or directions. To check out Kim Dao’s video, click on the link below.

Who Exactly is Scott Rocklage?

By the time that someone is in their 60s, they are usually slowing down and preparing for retirement. That’s especially true of people who have saved up a nice nest egg and who having worked hard to get where they are in life. However, some people are truly never satisfied, and Dr. Scott Rocklage is a prime example. Even though Rocklage turns 62 this year, he doesn’t appear to be anywhere close to retiring. If anything, it seems as if he keeps adding more and more to his already very crowded plate. By now, you’re probably asking who exactly Scott Rocklage is. You can learn the basics by reading on below.

First, Scott Rocklage is from Greater Boston. He grew up in the area and attended primary and secondary school there. There is no question that he is a proud Bostonian through and through. He worked very hard in school and especially ramped up his efforts in high school. In addition to maintaining a high GPA, he achieved high scores on college entrance exams and was involved in many extracurricular activities. It came as no surprise, then, that many colleges were knocking down his door. What did come as surprise, however, is that he decided not to attend school in Boston. Instead, he flew clear across the country to California and learn more about Scott.

Scott Rocklage decided that he was mostly interested in chemistry, so he headed to the University of California at Berkeley for his undergraduate studies. After four years of hard studying and work, he graduated with a bachelor of science in chemistry. Although he liked sunny California, he knew that he was not done with his education. Happily, he achieved his dream of being accepted to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, so he moved back across the country to attend MIT in Cambridge, which is right across the river from Boston.

The graduate-level chemistry program at MIT is among the most competitive and prestigious in the world. While he attended MIT, Scott Rocklage was fortunate enough to work under the highly esteemed Richard R. Schrock. Schrock would go on to receive the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2005. There is no question that Rocklage received one of the best educations possible while at MIT, and he was certainly very inspired by his experiences there. In fact, after graduating in 1982, he initially led a small research team before realizing that he would be happier and more effective on the business side of science and more information click here.

So, Scott Rocklage was an accomplished scholar, and he briefly worked in the world of chemistry. Next up for the successful venture capitalist was a stint as CEO of a company that specialized in MRI contrast agents. Before too long, Rocklage knew that he was finally on the right track in terms of what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. He loved working in such an innovative and interesting field, and he quickly moved up through the ranks. This included working for many different biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies through the years and Scott’s lacrosse camp.

During the next stage of his career, Dr. Scott Rocklage built up an impressive resume. From 1986 through 1989, he served as president and CEO of Nycomed Salutar, a diagnostic imaging company. He is also the former executive chairman of Semprus, which was acquired by Teleflex; Miikana, which was acquired by Entremed; and Ilypsa, which was acquired by Amgen. He served as chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals from 1994 until 2003, when he became a venture partner at 5AM Ventures. The next year, 2004, he became a managing partner of the venture capital firm. This is when his work in the life science venture investing industry began in earnest.

Through the years, Dr. Scott Rocklage has participated in many interviews. He is frequently asked what he believes his biggest strengths are or what traits have served him the best in his career. Rocklage has stated that he credits his ability to properly manage his time and to prioritize his goals as one of the main secrets of his success. He has also noted that he is not averse to taking calculated risks when warranted, and he believes that doing so is a crucial part of achieving ongoing success in both life and business and his Linkedin.

On the personal front, Dr. Scott Rocklage has been happily married to his wife Patty for more than 30 years. They have three adult children and many grandchildren already. Patty works as a respected and successful therapist, and she keeps herself busy with many volunteer activities. Scott and Patty have homes in both Sudbury, MA, and in Jupiter, FL, so they get to enjoy the best parts of living in both Florida and New England. Both of them enjoy golfing, so they are frequently seen at golf courses and country clubs around the area.

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Visit The Website of Securus Technologies To Learn More About The Program Today

Securus Technologies is a communicative program that’s being recognized as being a program that is greatly benefiting societies, as it’s enabling law enforcement agencies to monitor video conferencing chat sessions that are conducted between its users so that they may be able to potentially solve crimes by utilizing any evidence that may exist within them. Many people aren’t aware of there being crimes conducted within the premises of their communities’ correctional facilities. Oftentimes, inmates tend to speak about what is occurring in their day to day lives. Sometimes the crimes that occur within the correctional facilities are discussed in those very visitation sessions. Should such matters be spoken about through the videoconferencing sessions of Securus Technologies, law enforcement agencies can pass the conversations over to the courts so that investigative procedures can commence.


Securus Technologies is a communications system/platform that’s been particularly designed in a way that visitors of inmates are given an incredible amount of convenience in their communications/visitation choices. It’s allowing them to essentially engage in visitation sessions with inmates in ways that they aren’t even required to visit the correctional facilities the inmates are confined in. It’s a program that has truly been an advantageous option for visitors to utilize. Please have assurance of knowing the program is compatible with whichever device of yours you’re wanting to utilize it with. You may find that it’s something that you may be able to utilize on a much more frequent basis than engaging in traditional forms of visitation in which you would be required to travel to a correctional facility.


Many positive reviews have been given regarding the program of Securus Technologies. You may be happy to know that it may be possible to have it installed into communications lines of the correctional facility in which you’re wanting to utilize it in per your requests, if it hasn’t been installed in there already. By navigating through the website, you’ll be able to find a list that contains correctional facilities that have proceeded with the actions that were required of them to have it implemented into their communications systems.


The Todd Lubar Way of Investing in the Real Estate field

With 20 years of experience in aiding soon- to- be homeowners to become homeowners, Todd Lubar is an experienced businessman as well as an entrepreneur. Todd is ranked by Google among the country’s 25 top most mortgage originators for some years now. Aside from the Real Estate field, Todd has served in various industries like entertainment, construction, and the mortgage banking industry. Mr. Todd has an admirable passion for serving his community. The experience Lubar has leveraged his acumen for business and helping others in achieving success.

According to Hackronym, Todd is the Senior VP at Legendary Investments as well as the President of TDL Global Ventures LLC. He came up with the idea of starting up TDL Global Ventures after working for 20 years in the credit and finance industries. His previous experience has in real estate has taken him down the path of serving in the mortgage banking, beyond that, his creation of TDL Global Ventures.

While in these fields, he noticed that he wanted to assist other people to achieve their dreams. Due to this, he came up with a nifty idea to eradicate the roadblocks preventing others from attaining the much-required loans. Todd finally designed a program and product for the users who would avail them loans they desire to acquire, this being relief.

Todd has held previous posts in Legacy Financial and Crestar Mortgage Corporation group. Still, Todd helped in the development of Maryland Legacy Financial office into 100 million dollars per year production unit in loans. He was also the Senior VP at the Charter Funding. Todd graduated with a B.A in Speech Communication in 1995 from the Syracuse University.

Todd acknowledges that being alert to what is currently happening in the news and his industry helps him prioritize his needs. Thus, he always checks the news each morning. He notes that working out every day goes a long way to clear his head and keep him energized all day long.

The key to his success is staying organized. Also, Todd always knows what is happening at every level of his business, and this helps him make precise decisions.

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Equities First Holdings, Your Best Business Partner!

Equities First Holdings is an advisor and global leader in the fast-moving world of economics and business. One of the most pivotal parts of the human and company life is finance and economy. A company must have a budget to survive in the business world, finance and other sources of money are the most treasured part of the business of a company. For this reason, they end up working to attain better business capabilities in a manner that has no parallel entity in the business world. The entire lending criteria are associated with appropriate financing. Business is always entitled to activate the market through exclusive product development.

Equities First Holdings has been adopted as one of the best companies dealing in the industry. For those who need fast working capital, they must work to attain better business capabilities to secure the best entity in the world of business and finance. However, the harsh economic crisis is now affecting businesses and individuals seeking fast working money. During the harsh financial climate, banks and other companies issuing fast working capabilities have their lending criteria tightened to reduce the number of credit-based loans applicants. For those who do not qualify for the credit-based loans, they must seek innovative ways to secure fast working capital. The issuance of stock-based loans is not in fashion as the best way to secure loans.

While most people think that stock-based loans are similar to the margin loans, there are many differences between the two loans. For the margin loans, you must state the use of the money to qualify. However, stock-based loans do not allow you to state the use of the loan as a way of qualification. In this category, you can engage yourself in better business development situations and learn more about Equities First.

Stock-based loans are characterized by the low-interest rates that attract most borrowers. Equities First Holdings is now one of the best sources of fast working capital. If you want to secure a loan with the company, you must submit your shares and stocks for a careful evaluation. You will get a 50 percent loan depending on the amount of stock you issue for evaluation and resume its.

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Leading No-Poo Products Restore Hair Health And Help The Environment

The no-poo revolution is rather healthy, and grounded in proven hair care methods of the past. Shampoos with lathering ingredients have only been popular since the 1930s when department store make-overs became popular. Having a thick lather during washes might convey a sense of cleansing, but does little for hair health and vitality.

Most of the modern shampoo ingredients that create a sudsy lather can do nothing for hair health. They also have a tendency to remove helpful natural oils that make hair look shiny and retain a youthful bounce. No-poo products offer ultimate cleansing properties, while avoiding the need for harsh chemicals.

WEN by Chaz is one of the leading no-poo products on the market. It is strictly promoted as a cleansing conditioner, rather than a traditional shampoo and conditioner combination. WEN cleansing conditioners use a gentle foam that is devoid of chemicals like sulfates to reinvigorate individual hair strands. The cleansing power is derived from natural botanicals, and can restore health to hair with any type of common appearance difficulties.

Most modern shampoos must be used in concert with a separate conditioning product. The soapy suds from these shampoos also create environmental problems. WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioner is a complete conditioning system that is simple to apply, and is proven to have no caustic effects on plumbing systems and the environment.

Revolutionary cleansing conditioners never rely on the action of chemicals to work properly when treating hair. The goal is restoring natural beauty without the use of harsh chemicals and supplementary products. WEN by Chaz is the perfect type of cleansing conditioner that can help people living with all hair types to discover an alternative to modern shampoo overuse.

Who is Hussain Sajwani?

Hussain Sajwani is a United Arab Emirates businessman and investor. Sajwani is widely regarded as a pioneer of the property market expansion in Dubai. The property market became very lucrative once the Dubai government decreed that foreigners would be allowed to own properties in the emirates.

Hussain Sajwani managed to take advantage of the new decree and began building several hotels to accommodate the growing number of people willing to do business and trade. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

In 2002 Sajwani founded global property development company DAMAC Properties. The DAMAC owner quickly began acquiring land in rural areas before starting construction on new residential buildings.

Sajwani and Trump

By the mid 2000’s Sajwani had made an undeniable impact on the property market, especially in Dubai. His numerous successful forays in the industry made him someone other very successful businessmen wanted to collaborate with. DAMAC and The Trump Organization became partners on a project to develop two luxury golf courses in Dubai in 2003. Read more: DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots | The National

The two courses are The Trump International Golf Course and Trump World Golf Course. The latter of which was designed by famous golfer Tiger Woods. The Trump International Golf Course was opened this February, while the Trump World Golf Course isn’t expected to be opened until 2018.

Hussain Sajwani and Trump have become business partners as well as friends throughout the years. So much so, Sajwani offered him a $2 billion real estate deal in Dubai that Trump decided to turn down.

Philanthropy Work

SAjwani is also a passionate philanthropist who is all about helping noble causes. In October 2011, DAMAC Properties launched its hospitality division DAMAC Maison which provides bespoke services to residents in in one of DAMAC’s many units. Sajwani donates funds to several charitable foundations that help clothe and feed at risk children. He also does work with organizations that inspire youth to believe in themselves and carve their own career paths.

Hussain Sajwani Family

Hussain Sajwani is married with four children and lives in Dubai.

Re-Inventing the Advertisement Methods through Podcast One Platform

In the last half of 2016, a study of pre- and post- campaign brand lift for advertisers using the podcast platform got conducted. The results of the findings were announced on February 9th, 2017 by the executive chairman of Podcast One, Norman Pattiz. During the announcement, he was accompanied by the vice president of Edison Research, Tom Webster.

The study got carried out on five major national consumer brands with a focus on five different products and service categories. The study showed that podcast advertising has a positive impact on brand recall, intent to purchase and overall brand and product awareness. According to norman the primary findings include;

  • After the post-campaign brand lift, over 60 percent of listeners got aware and mentioned specific grocery brand unlike before, where less than a tenth of the listeners managed to identify a product.
  • The unaided product awareness increased by 47 percent for services in the financial market. The automobile aftermarket awareness rose by 37 percent while garden and lawn product awareness went up by 24 percent.
  • Before the study got carried out, 18 percent of auto respondents had a very favorable opinion of the product. However, the post-study showed a third of the listeners having the same opinion. 22 percent suggested the likeliness of using a lawn and garden product up from 16 percent.
  • Awareness of a particular automobile aftermarket product rose by 60 percent while for casual dining restaurant grew by 76 percent.

On behalf of Podcast One, Edison Research carried out three separate studies with the aim of determining the effectiveness of podcast advertising. The study got conducted on famous brands launching new messages and lesser-known brands seeking to increase awareness. The same criteria and technology got used for all cases.

Results showed that podcast audiences were receptive and exhibited an increased willingness to purchase. Norman Pattiz said that it was the company intentions to provide a better advertising platform considered to the traditional methods.

Norman Pattiz is a renowned businessman with interests in the media and communication industries. He is the founder of Podcast One and Westwood One. Pattiz has 40 years of experience in radio syndication.

Under his leadership, Westwood One became the largest provider of news, entertainment, and sports in the broadcasting industry.

Westwood One owned major news distribution networks like NBC Radio, CBS News, NFL Football, NCAA Basketball, and CNN Radio among many others. Pattiz has served in several managerial positions.

In 2000, Norman served as a director of the broadcasting board of the United States of America. In 2009, he was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame and awarded the Giants of Broadcasting Award.

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EOS Hits The Nail On The Head With This Lip Balm

EOS, which stands for Evolution Of Smooth, takes the win with this new age lip balm! This start up company broke into a saturated market to become a $250 million company which is now the second best-selling lip balm in the country. Founder, Sanjiv Mehra, joins forces with Jonathon Teller to create everything that women were looking for to replace the traditional tube shaped lip balm. This new generation of lip balm was developed to be geared toward women and designed to be fun, right down to the last click of the final turn to seal the orb shaped balm dispenser. It has a shape specifically designed to never go unfound in your purse. Priced competitively at $3 on eBay and on Amazon online, these orbs come in pretty pastel colors are loaded with enticing scents, such as; honeydew, strawberry sorbet and pomegranate raspberry. This natural and organic lip balm was also created to deliver a great experience during application and to develop an emotional connection with the user. EOS lip balm was marketed with pop culture icons such as, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and Demi Lovato to target Facebook active and beauty conscious millennials. In just seven years, EOS has become a household product and has now come up with new products in health and beauty, such as, shaving creams and hand lotions.

Equities First Holdings Offers Affordable Interest on Loans

Equities First Holdings is a global money lender to individuals and financial institutions. The company specializes in creating efficient alternative solutions for loaning enterprises as well as high profile and high net worth people who seek non-purpose capital. Their reach is universal with a focus on securities lending. Equities First Holdings is a hyper-focused firm. It allows clients to run operations on a deal by deal basis. The company is committed to offering investors a straightforward as well as a tailored transaction. The result is an empowered client with the ability to quickly and efficiently access funding and read full article.

Niche Approach

Equities First Holdings has a niche approach to dealing with securities. It offers a lending means that is flexible for a client’s personal pursuit. With the general and typical challenges that come with finding liquidity like expenses incurred, Equity First Holdings offers affordable costs compared to traditional banks and lending institutions. Their focus is engraved in providing their clients with the option to navigate below the red tape. This usually signifies a lower cost for lending. Although efficiency, speed as well as flexibility seem rare in capital lending, this organization has mastered the art of providing the mentioned elements as a lending institution. For Equity First Holdings, time is money. Since its establishment, the company has provided individuals with alternative sources for capital in public and private businesses and what Equities First knows.


Equity First Holdings specializes in offering loans. The company uses its stock loan as collateral over a given period. Usually, the duration is three years. Over this time, a borrower can transact with Equities First Holdings if they have stocks in a company. The company in which they have stocks will presumably appreciate in value. Following this, the future will mark a liquidation in position. The client who is the borrower can, therefore, transfer shares owned by Equities First Holdings. The loan proceeds can then be received. Equities First Holdings commits to offering the best lending solutions for clients and Equities First of Linkedin.